Enclosures serve to protect the contents or occupants from external elements and forces, and to shield people from the equipment and noise within or vice versa. This market includes but is not limited to enclosures for power generation systems, enclosures for sensitive electronic equipment, computer and telecommunications cabinets, portable rigid wall shelters, industrial enclosures, construction and agricultural implement cabs, large home appliances, and enclosures for recreational vehicles. This group is a subset of the larger population of enclosures encompassing the likes of small engines, vacuum cleaners, hand tools and office machinery. The skins of these products range from simple steel panels to polymers, lightweight alloy panels and to multi-layer thermal insulated bonded panels.

SmartSkin's Technology has the ability to reduce noise as well as shield function-critical parts from ambient vibration caused by use or operation. Earthquake or other shock protection of sensitive components in items ranging from the size of small gyroscopes to large electric generators can be accomplished. Noise and vibration reduction in your lawn mower, dishwasher, washing machine or air conditioner are also achievable by SmartSkin.
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