Because they contain moving parts intended to "drive" another mechanism to accomplish their work, motors are often sources of unwanted noise and vibration. They convert energy from potential to mechanical. Noise and vibration coming from motors actually result in inefficiency. In this sense, noise and vibration are a symptom of energy loss in the transfer process.

Sometimes noise and vibration resulting from inefficiency is minor and inconsequential. In micro applications where precision is essential vibration may seriously impair performance. In larger motors in industrial applications vibration may negatively impact the driven machine's performance of work necessitating reduced (throttled back) operation to deal with excessive vibration and requiring shorter intervals between maintenance resulting in greater downtime.

In applications of a more widespread consumer nature the negative impact of noise and vibration at the point of contact between the offensive manifestations of motor energy inefficiency and those individuals with whom it comes in contact in the environment may cause sufficient customer dissatisfaction to result in loss of business. Conversely, an approach touting an Acoustically Intelligent(tm) product may provide the differentiation needed to spur increased market share.
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